Hanna Holmes

Hanna Holmes

Program Director

Member Organization:

Public Legal Education Association of Canada (PLEAC)

Hanna Holmes is the Program Director for the Public Legal Education Association of Canada. Hanna was onboarded in January 2020 and oversaw a 4.5 year project funded by the Department of Justice of Canada until its completion in 2024. Now, Hanna leads PLEAC's newest project under the Justice Partnership and Innovation Program with continued support from the Department of Justice. Hanna facilitates knowledge sharing among member and program-funded organizations. Hanna also leads PLEAC's webinar programming, communities of practice, and events, such as national conferences, and provides coordination and administrative support to the PLEAC Board of Directors. Hanna is a licensed Paralegal and has years of experience in the legal industry. Hanna is bilingual and speaks English and French fluently.