10 steps to incorporate user-testing and ensure user-centered design in projects

About Webinar

Running Time:
60 min
Nora Bergh, Jessica Sturrock

Do you want to confirm that your projects are meeting the needs of your users? How do you know your project is hitting the mark?

The Justice Education Society has been delivering legal education and producing legal help websites for the public for the last 30 years. They strive to make their websites and services user-centered. This session will highlight how they incorporate user-testing on varying programs, what tools they have utilized, some of their challenges and the lessons they have learned.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand why user-testing is important and the impacts it can have on your project outcomes
  • Learn about choosing the right methodologies and tools for the scale and size of your projects
  • Find out about our multi-step process for identifying, implementing, and evaluating user-testing


Speaker Bio

Nora Bergh (she/ her) As Assistant Director of BC and Digital Programs at JES, Nora oversees program and project operations, managing staff, deliverables and budgets. She ensures project achieve measurable impact, supporting JES legal education and legal information initiatives in BC. As a non-practicing lawyer, Nora brings content expertise and plain language skills to help British Columbians learn about the law and our justice system, assisting them to be more able to deal with their legal issues. Nora embraces the JES mission, empowering people to access and deliver justice in BC. She brings strong interpersonal relationships skills to her interactions with others, contributing to a positive, respectful and inclusive work environment. Nora works collaboratively with her team and with BC justice stakeholders, supporting JES to achieve its strategic objectives.

Jessica Sturrock (she/her)