Using chatbots in public legal education and information

About Webinar

Running Time:
75 min
Drew Jackson, Drew Spicer, Amir Moravej

People’s Law School, Yukon Human Rights Commission and Botler AI share how they use chatbots in their public legal education and information (PLEI). They share their reasons for implementing chatbots, the benefits and challenges in using this type of service, as well as their experiences in choosing, adapting or developing a chatbot in their PLEI initiatives.

Speaker Bio

Drew Jackson is the Senior Legal Content Developer at People’s Law School and has been working for 20+ years at the intersection of legal education and technology. He is the content development and digital delivery lead for People's Law School, a public legal education provider in British Columbia. He led the development of their chatbot, Beagle, which helps guide British Columbians to helpful information on everyday legal problems.

Drew Spicer is the Information Officer at the Yukon Human Rights Commission. His varied day to day includes data and records management, website maintenance and content management, data analysis, legal research, and developing new ways to further the Commission’s rights promotion mandate. He also provides legal information to members of the public and presents at workshops or training events. His work on the Spot project has been motivated by a desire to provide targets of discrimination and harassment with the tools they need to regain control in a situation where many feel powerless. Drew holds a BA (Honours) in Rural and Community Development with a minor in mathematics, and a Certificate in Justice Systems from Brandon University where he graduated with the Governor General’s silver medal. Drew also spent time studying international law and politics in the Hague. His past work experience is varied, including working as a flight instructor, a research assistant in Indigenous rights to health to Dr. Yvonne Boyer, and a stint as a Senior Energy Advisor in government. In all of his roles, Drew has brought a passion for systems design to enhance and streamline processes.

Amir Moravej is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Botler AI. His involvement with technology entrepreneurship began at the age of 16, when he started his first company, specializing in network security, and serviced dozens of clients, all while completing high school. Following graduation, Amir helped several companies and teams with the design, architecture, and implementation of complex software systems. Prior to Botler AI, his experience included designing a contextual awareness system for law enforcement and national security field officers, advertisement-related data processing from Virtual Reality headset sensors, and fine-tuning speech recognition for a virtual tutor for children with stuttering and other speech impediments. Amir first designed the algorithms which would eventually form the basis for Botler AI as a personal tool to help filter contextually relevant cases for his Canadian immigration process, which he eventually released to the public. Encouraged by the overwhelming positive response, he started what has now become Botler AI, with the mission of making the law more interactive and accessible to all members of society, regardless of socio-economic status, using cutting-edge technologies. Amir holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and a Master of Engineering from Concordia University in Montréal.